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If you are considering walking this route yourself, please see my disclaimer. You may also like to see these notes about the maps.

Google map of the walk

I did this roughly 11-mile walk on Saturday, 30th October 2010.  It was a repeat of a walk I did in April, but in the opposite (anti-clockwise) direction.

I set off from the village car park in West Wycombe (grid reference SU 826947) around 10am, turning right from the car park entrance and then turning left at the end of the road to follow the narrow A40 through the old houses of West Wycombe towards High Wycombe. At a roundabout I crossed over, went a couple of yards left and took a narrow lane, which soon passed under a railway line, and then I took a footpath on the right. This led uphill across a very large meadow  (I kept left at an apparent fork in the path) to a corner of Branch Wood. I soon reached a path junction in the wood, where I forked left, then went left again at another junction. The lengthy path through the wood was quite colourful in places, and I was already enjoying the magnificent autumn colours of the trees. Eventually I reached a path T-junction, where I turned right. This path soon ran between a school on my left and garden fences, ending on a street in the village of Downley.

West Wycombe


Looking back to West Wycombe from the edge of Branch Wood


Path through Branch Wood


Branch Wood (the path shown here is an alternative route I could have taken from West Wycombe)


I turned left, immediately passing the entrance to the school. A public footpath then went slightly left, passing a pond on the right then following the edge of a meadow or paddock. A few yards further on it joined a track which I followed  a short way to a street. Here I turned left for maybe two hundred yards, before turning right down Moor Lane. I next took a bridleway on the right, which soon enter another colourful wood, Common Wood. On the far side, the bridleway continued on between hedges and fences with green pastures either side, heading towards more woodland surrounding Hughenden Manor (once Benjamin Disraeli's home, now a National Trust property). The bridleway led up through the trees, and then I passed close to the grand house itself (on my right) as I followed a drive through its outbuildings. I spotted my first Red Kite of the day as I then took a path going slightly right from the drive, heading downhill through the grounds to reach Hughenden church. Beyond the church I rejoined the drive. I crossed a small stream as I reached the entrance to the estate and a surprisingly busy road.


Moor Lane, Downley


Bridleway through Common Wood, Downley


The bridleway between Common Wood and Hughendon Manor


View from the grounds of Hughendon Manor - the path to Cryers Hill follows the hedge at the bottom of the ploughed field, heading left to the woods


Hughenden church


Stream in the grounds of Hughenden Manor


Across the road a bridleway (named Church Lane on the map) headed towards more woodland, but I soon turned off it, going left on a footpath and following a hedge line with a large field of stubble on my right. The path continued round the distant field corner, then went left again, now enclosed between hedges either side that prevented any views. Further on, there was a fence on my left with large gardens behind it, and more trees on the right. The path then passed a meadow on the left, with views to colourful woodland beyond. A little further on  I came back to the road I'd crossed earlier, as it entered the village of Cryers Hill.


This bridleway is called Church Lane on the map - the path to Cryers Hill soon turns off it, going left


The path to Cryers Hills - the path turns right in the field corner, then goes left, between the hedges separating the ploughed field from the green fields to its left


The path to Cryers Hill


Autumn colours near Cryers Hill


Approaching Cryers Hill

Part 2 of this walk

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