Pete's Walks - Broomrape

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Photo taken 29/0706 near Royston, on last day of my Berkshire-Essex walk.

Broomrape has no greenery of its own, getting its nourishment by tapping into the roots of other plants. There are different types of Broomrape, named after the host plant, e.g. Ivy Broomrape is a parasite of Ivy. The three shown here are most probably Common Broomrape, the fourth photo is possibly Knapweed Broomrape.

Photo taken 13/07/09 near Kensworth Quarry, Beds..


Photo taken 13/07/09 near Kensworth Quarry, Beds.


Photo taken 19/08/09 near Walkern, Herts. This is possibly KNAPWEED BROOMRAPE, as there was some Greater Knapweed nearby.