The links on the left lead to a selection of my moth photographs. Most of these photographs were taken from sessions with my moth trap in Kensworth, though a few day-flying moths were spotted on my walks. Most of the information I give with the photos is taken from the excellent UKmoths web site, or from the equally excellent Concise Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland by Martin Townsend, Paul Waring and Richard Lewington.

You can scroll down the alphabetical list of moths on the left, or click on one of the letters  to go to the corresponding section of the list. You can click on the link below to return to the top of the alphabetical list.

Note: I make no claims to be a moth expert (nor a photographer)! If you think I have misidentified something, please let me know via the 'Contact Me' link on my home page.

There are much better moth photos on the Wild About Britain site, and much more information about moths on the UKmoths web site.


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