Pete's Walks - Small Skipper

Photo taken 30/06/19 at Oaken Wood, Surrey

I see these small butterflies quite often on my walks - the second photo was taken on the route of my Berks-Essex Walk.

Photo taken 8/07/07 on Steps Hill, Bucks.

Photo taken 13/07/08 at College Lake, Bucks.

Photo taken 25/07/19 at Arnside Knott, Cumbria (NOTE: the undersides of the tips of the antennae are orange/brown on Small Skippers, as nicely shown here, whereas it is black on Essex Skippers, this being the one of the ways to tell the two apart. Another, for males, is that the scent gland (black line on forewings) is longer on Small Skippers than it is on Essex Skippers, and is slightly kinked - see the top photo, which also underlines the need to look at the UNDERSIDE of the tips of the antenna when differentiating between these two species.)