Pete's Walks - The Chiltern Chain Walk

About my Walk

I walked the 20 walks of the Chiltern Chain Walk over a two month period, from 25th April to 23rd June 2008. I had previously walked the entire route in the opposite direction (clockwise/anti-clockwise).

Due to some minor ailments, I started the walk a few weeks later in the year than I'd intended. This didn't really matter in the end, as  I still managed to do the walk during a time of year when the wildflowers were at their best, greatly adding to the pleasures of the walk. I was generally quite fortunate with the weather - although there were occasional short spells of wet weather, there were usually enough fine days to allow me to do 2-3 walks per week.

Picture omitted

Hambleden (Walk 15)

All the mileages given are very rough approximations. They are based on the figures given when I have drawn the route with Google Maps.

I have numbered each photograph (in red) and inserted the same number in the text to show where in the walk the photo was taken

Here is a very rough map of the entire Chiltern Chain Walk. There are more detailed and accurate maps provided for each of the twenty individual walks.