Pete's Walks - Greensand Ridge Walk

Post-walk comments

I really enjoyed walking the Greensand Ridge Walk. I think it was definitely the best of the shorter long-distance walks I have done in my local area, better than any of the routes I have done in Buckinghamshire. It was more up-and-down, although it tried to stick closely to the actual greensand ridge. There was much more walking through woods, and the woods were quite varied being coniferous or deciduous or a mixture of both. There was a lot of wildlife to be seen, especially Buzzards and Muntjac deer. The route passed through some charming villages such as Eversholt and Northill, but bypassed almost all the larger villages or towns on the route (the exception being the very short section through Sandy). Where it did go close to civilisation, such as Woburn and Ampthill, there was generally a signpost indicating how far it was and what facilities were available (food, drink, etc.). The route was generally well signposted in both directions (apart from where I went wrong in Ampthill Park, there were only a couple of other places where I thought there ought to have been a waymark or sign), and on good, well-used paths or tracks. So Id definitely recommend this route to anyone thinking of walking it.

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Heathland near Maulden Wood (Day 4)