Pete's Walks - Walks starting at Chenies

This is a list of walks I have done starting at Chenies in the Chiltern Hills. There are a few places to park around the village green, and also along the road past the two village pubs.

The distances are usually those given by Google Maps, and are only a rough guide. The 'My Rating' column indicates my own feelings about the walk, in comparison to the other walks here - I have enjoyed all these walks, but those that were particularly good I have given 1-3 *s, with *** indicating my most favourite walks.  The 'Opposite included in list' column merely indicates whether I've included the walk twice, both clockwise and anti-clockwise (it's really for my own benefit so I can easily see which routes I've yet to walk in both directions).

WARNING: When I originally started writing up these walks, I didn't really intend them to be used as 'route descriptions' for other people to follow. However I am aware that a few people are using them that way, and I now try to make sure my descriptions give enough route details so that they can be followed. Unfortunately I have a dreadful tendency to get 'left' and 'right' confused. So if you want to try any of these walks yourself, I very strongly recommend that you try to follow the route description on a map first. If you do find (or think you find) any mistakes please let me know by email  and I will make any corrections as soon as I can (usually I check emails every day). However, I think the walks on this page have adequate route descriptions to be followed (but walks that they have links to may not!).

Date (first walked) Walk title Length (in miles) Time My Rating Starting point (with Grid Reference) Opposite included in list
24/09/11 Chenies, Chipperfield Common and Ley Hill (anti-clockwise) 13.3 4h 45m   Chenies TQ017984 Y
15/07/12 Chenies, Ley Hill, Chipperfield Common (clockwise) 13.3 5h 5m   Chenies TQ017984 Y
12/05/08 Chenies and Chalfont St Giles (Walk 8 of the Chiltern Chain Walk, clockwise) 11.9 4h 30m   Chenies TQ017984 Y
13/11/12 Chenies and Chalfont St Giles (Walk 8 of the Chiltern Chain Walk, anti-clockwise) 11.9 4h 10m   Chenies TQ017984 Y
12/11/07 Chenies and Ley Hill (clockwise) 11.7 4h   Chenies TQ017984 Y
17/07/10 Chenies and Ley Hill (anti-clockwise) 11.7 4h 10m   Chenies TQ017984 Y
28/12/15 Chenies and the Chess Valley 8.5 3h 10m ** Chenies  TQ017984 or TQ020982 ---