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Hi! My name is Pete Collins, welcome to my web site!

My hobby is walking and most weekends I go for a 12-15 mile walk, usually in the Chiltern Hills where I live. I then add a description of the walk to the latest walks page of this web site, complete with photographs and a map of the route (courtesy of Google Maps).  I have also walked a number of long-distance paths in the northern Home Counties of southern England, walks such as the Chiltern Way, the Hertfordshire Way and the Greensand Ridge Walk - I have usually done these as a series of day walks. I have also done one or two long-distance paths a bit further afield, such as the Cumbria Way and A Dales Walk, which I have walked end-to-end on successive days. I have also created an unofficial long-distance path of my own, the Chiltern Chain Walk. There is also a very small section of walks in the Lake District. I also have a collection of  mainly nature photographs, many of which I've taken on my walks (my walk descriptions also contain links to these photos). There are also a number of my favourite landscape  photos from my walks.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this site, you can email me via the 'Contact me' link at the top of this page. Or you can add a message in my 'Guestbook' - again the link is at the top of this page. You might want to read the 'About my journals' page before looking at the long-distance paths section - it gives some background and has some notes on navigating through the journals (although that should be self-explanatory). You can also read 'About Me' and 'About my walks', if you are curious.

I am not sponsored on my walks, but if you enjoy visiting this site I would be very grateful if you would please consider making a donation to the Huntington's Disease Association (to make an online donation, click on the donations link at the bottom of their home page).  I have chosen to support this particular charity because the family of one of my closest friends is afflicted with this incurable and hereditary disease. Thank you very much.

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The Chess valley, on the Chiltern Heritage Trail

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River Lea on the Hertfordshire Chain Walk

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Penhill, Wensleydale, on A Dales Walk