Pete's Walks- Favourite walks in the Chiltern Hills

These are my favourite walks in the Chiltern Hills, ones that I have usually done many times. They don't include any of my local walks around Kensworth, some of which are definitely amongst my favourite Chiltern walks. [UPDATE 19/7/14: I desperately need to update or replace this page, there are many walks on the 'Other Walks' page that are now just as much favourites of mine as the walks on this page]

The distances are those given by Google Maps, and are probably slightly inaccurate. I apologise if these pages are very slow to load.

WARNING: When I originally started writing up these walks, I didn't really intend them to be used as 'route descriptions' for other people to follow. However I am aware that a few people are using them that way, and I now try to make sure my descriptions give enough route details so that they can be followed. Unfortunately I have a dreadful tendency to get 'left' and 'right' confused. So if you want to try any of these walks yourself, I very strongly recommend that you try to follow the route description on a map first. If you do find (or think you find) any mistakes please let me know by email  and I will make any corrections as soon as I can (usually I check emails every day).

UPDATE 19/02/17: I think the descriptions in the walks on this page are now good enough for other people to follow the route.  I have replaced some of the descriptions with better ones from when I repeated the walk at a later date (which is why they are no longer in date order), and have checked all other the descriptions.

6/05/08 Wendover Woods and Aston Hill (Walk 5 of the Chiltern Chain Walk, anti-clockwise) 12.6 miles
8/05/08 Buckland Common and Chartridge (Walk 6 of the Chiltern Chain Walk, clockwise) 12.1 miles
12/11/07 Chenies and Ley Hill (clockwise) 11.7 miles
11/12/07 Watlington Hill, Cookley Green and Pishill 12.8 miles
24/05/08 Coombe Hill and the Hampdens (Walk 12 of the Chiltern Chain Walk, anti-clockwise) 12.5 miles
3/12/08 Buckland Common and The Lee 11.5 miles
2/03/09 Cowleaze Wood and Turville Heath 11.0 miles
20/04/09 Lilley-Barton walk 14.5 miles
9/06/16 Four hills walk (Coombe Hill, Beacon Hill, Pulpit Hill, Whiteleaf Hill) 12.9 miles
14/07/14 Barton and Deacon Hill (a shortened version of the Lilley-Barton walk) 10 miles
24/01/15 Cowleaze Wood, Studdridge Farm, Christmas Common 9.4 mile

Click HERE to see a map showing the approximate locations of the walks I've done in the Chiltern Hills (including the 20 walks that make up my Chiltern Chain Walk, but excluding my local walks around Kensworth).  Each blue symbol marks the approximate location of a walk. If you select a symbol and click on the associated link it will take you to the relevant page of my web site.