Pete's Walks - The Hertfordshire Way

About my walk

I walked the Hertfordshire Way between September 2005 and February 2006. As is by now normal for my walks, I  used my patented ‘there and back’ routine, each day walking about 7˝ miles along the route and then turning round and retracing my steps. I  thereby walked the whole route in both directions, which took me 27 days of walking. There was a seven week gap in the middle of the walk, when I was unable to walk due to back problems.

The Hertfordshire Way guide book includes an optional alternative route from Cuffley to Hertford. I walked both the original route (Leg 10 in the guide book) as well as the alternative route (Leg 10A and Leg 10B). I also did an optional bit around Bourne End and Hemel Hempstead. All told, I walked about 394 miles.

Click here to see a very rough map of the Hertfordshire Way (but only if you have already read my disclaimer and notes regarding maps).

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The Abbey church and Cathedral of St Alban, St Albans (passed on Day 7 of my walk)