Pete's Walks - Walks Diary 2022

These are in reverse chronological order, with the most recent walk at the top. 'Local' means the walk is within a few miles of my home in Kensworth, and so most of these could also come under the heading 'Chiltern Hills'.

The distances and times given are usually only very rough estimates!

WARNING: When I originally started writing up these walks, I didn't really intend them to be used as 'route descriptions' for other people to follow. However I am aware that a few people are using them that way - so I should point out that I don't always give enough details in the written descriptions for them to be used that way. Also, unfortunately, I have a dreadful tendency to get 'left' and 'right' confused. So if you want to try any of these walks yourself, I very strongly recommend that you try to follow the route on a map first.  The Google Map I provide with each walk may be of some help with navigation. If you do find (or think you find) any mistakes please let me know by email and I will make any corrections as soon as I can (usually I check emails every day).

Note: I did far fewer walks this year (and they were all shorter than usual) because I was suffering from long covid.

Date Route Area Distance Time
3/12/22 Cholesbury, Ashley Green, Marlin Chapel (anti-clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 9.5 miles 3h 35m
19/11/22 Studham Common, Great Gaddesden, Hudnall (clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 8 miles 3h
12/11/22 Cowleaze Wood, Aston Rowant, Stokenchurch (clockwise) Chiltern Hills About 5.4 miles 2h 40m
8/10/22 Whiteleaf Hill and Loosley Row (clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 7 miles 2h 45m
17/09/22 Gaddesden Row and Briden's Camp (clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 9.5 miles 3h 35m
3/09/22 Redland End and Bryant's Bottom (anti-clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 7.9 miles 3h 35m
28/08/22 Bradenham and Studley Green (clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 8.0 miles 3h 40m
19/08/22 Cholesbury and The Lee (clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 11.7 miles 4h 35m
6/08/22 Ashridge, Frithsden, Ward's Hurst Farm Chiltern Hills About 10.8 miles 4h
29/07/22 Whitchurch Hill, College Wood, Mapledurham Chiltern Hills About 9.6 miles 3h 40m
23/07/22 Cowleaze Wood, Stokenchurch, Shirburn Hill Chiltern Hills About 8.7 miles 4h
19/06/22 Wigginton and Drayton Woods (clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 6.0 miles 2h 20m
28/05/22 Hawridge, Chartridge End, Great Hivings (anti-clockwise, again) Chiltern Hills About 8.7 miles 3h 25m
14/05/22 Goring and Hartslock Chiltern Hills About 5.1 miles 2h 10m
30/04/22 Maidensgrove Common and Crocker End Chiltern Hills About 5.8 miles 2h 30m
15/04/22 Little Missenden, Holmer Green and Mop End Chiltern Hills About 6.1 miles 2h 25m
9/04/22 Cadmore End and Turville Chiltern Hills About 5.1 miles 2h 25m
12/03/22 Great Kimble, Green Hailey, Buckmoorend Chiltern Hills About 7 miles 3h
12/02/22 Bledlow, Rout's Green, Lodge Hill Chiltern Hills About 5.5 miles 2h 10m
5/02/22 Maidensgrove and Paradise Wood Chiltern Hills About 5.6 miles 2h 20m
30/01/22 Chenies and Latimer Chiltern Hills About 4.6 miles 1h 40m
15/01/22 West Wycombe and Bradenham Chiltern Hills About 4.2 miles 1h 40m