Pete's Walks - Latest News and Site History

This page is in reverse chronological order, so that the latest news and the most recent changes are at the top of the page.

Note: I add walks to the Walks Diary section as and when I do them. I alter the 'Last update' date on the home page each time I do so. I do not update this page for each new walk, I only update this page when I make other changes to the site.

Latest news Remember that you can keep up with what I'm doing by monitoring the Walks Diary section of this site.
30/07/17 1) Added Purple Hairstreak and White Admiral to the Butterflies page

2) Added/replaced photos of Comma, Large Skipper, Meadow Brown, Silver-washed Fritillary, Small Tortoiseshell and Small Blue on the Butterflies page

3) Added Heath Spotted Orchid and Military Orchid to the Wildflowers page

4) Added/replaced photos of Bee Orchid, Dragon's-teeth, Fly Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid and Southern Marsh Orchid on the Wildflowers page

5 Added Barred Yellow, Broad-barred White, Buff Footman, Eulia Ministrana, Grass Rivulet, Lozotaenia forsterania, Mompha subbistrigella, Notocelia trimaculana, Oncocera semirubella, Pale Oak Beauty, Pebble Hook-tip, Phycitades binaevella, Pyrausta purpularis, Scarce Silver-Lines, Scoparia pyralella and Tinea trinotella to the Moths page

6) Added/replaced photos of Brindled White-spot, Burnet Companion, Campion, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Small Phoenix and Ypsolopha scabrella on the Moths page

13/11/16 1) Added/replaced photos of Blackcap, Black-headed Gull, Brent Goose, Curlew, Great Black-backed Gull, Red Kite, Redshank, Reed Bunting, Ruff, Shoveller and Wigeon on the Birds page

2) Added Common Snipe, Dunlin, Goldcrest, Golden Plover, Great White Egret, Sanderling and Turnstone to the Birds page

3) Added Norfolk Hawker to the Dragonflies page

4) Added Essex Skipper and Swallowtail to the Butterflies page
5) Added/replaced photos of Large Ranunculus and Red Underwing on the Moths page

6) Added Argyresthia goedartella, Bud Moth, Convolvulus Hawkmoth, Chalk Carpet, Cypress Pug, Dioryctria abietella, Fern, Golden Plusia, Gypsonoma dealbana, Hedge Rustic, Hedya ochroleucana, Phoenix, Red-barred Tortrix, Rhomboid Tortrix, Rush Veneer, Scalloped Hook-tip and Small Dotted Buff  to the Moths page
13/07/15 1) Added more photos to the Roe Deer page

2) Added Common Seal to the Mammals page

3) Added Broad-bodied Chaser and Red-eyed Damselfly to the Dragonflies page

4) Added/replaced photos of Keeled Skimmer, Emerald Damselfly, Scarce Chaser, Small Red Damselfly and Four-spotted Chaser on the Dragonflies page

5) Added/replaced photos of Agapeta zoegana, Bird-cherry Ermine, Bordered White, The Campion, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, Poplar Grey, Sandy Carpet, Shoulder Stripe and Small Phoenix on the Moths page

6) Added Barred Straw, Blue-bordered Carpet, Celypha striana, Clepsis consimilana, Dusky Brocade, Marbled Orchard Tortrix, Notocelia cynosbatella, Small Marbled and Brown Silver-line to the Moths page

7) Added/replaced photos of Green-veined White, Small White, Small Blue, Ringlet, Dark Green Fritillary, Large Skipper and Meadow Brown on the Butterflies page

8) Added Burnt-tip Orchid, Black Bryony, Climbing Corydalis, Common Meadow-rue, Moschatel, Rough Hawkbit, Thrift and Water-Violet  to the Wildflowers page

9) Added/replaced photos of Bird's-nest Orchid, Bugle, Coltsfoot, Early Purple Orchid, False Oxlip, Fly Orchid, Goat's-beard, Lady Orchid, Lady x Monkey Orchid, Man Orchid, Monkey Orchid, Pasqueflower, Southern Marsh Orchid, Wood Sorrell on the Wildflowers page

10) Added/replaced photos of Black-headed Gull, Black-tailed Godwit, Common Whitethroat, Fieldfare, Gadwall, Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Pochard, Red-crested Pochard, Reed Bunting, Shoveller, Tufted Duck, Willow Warbler and Yellowhammer on  the Birds page

11) Added Barnacle Goose, Curlew, Garden Warbler, Great Black-backed Gull, Kittiwake, Linnet, Shelduck, Skylark and Teal to the Birds page
24/10/14 1) Added/replaced photos of Chocolate-tip, Agapeta hamana, Leopard Moth, Dusky-lemon Sallow, Orange Swift, Tawny-barred Angle and Honeysuckle Moth on Moths page.
2) Added Lunar Marbled Brown, Aethes rubigana, Agapeta zoegana, Ancylis badiana, Barred Hook-tip, Blastobasis adustella, Blastodacna hellerella, Brindled Green, Brussels Lace, Crambus pascuella, Cydia splendana, Dark Sword-grass, Dingy Shears, Double Lobed, Eucosma campoliliana, Eudonia angustea, Least Black Arches, Light Feathered Rustic, Lilac Beauty, Mallow, Nutmeg,Orange Sallow, Pearly Underwing, Pyrausta nigrata, Reddish Light Arches, The Drinker and Ypsolopha scabrella  to Moths page.
3) Added Fox to Mammals page.
4) Added photos of Stoat on Mammals page.
5) Added/replaced photos of Painted Lady and Holly Blue on Butterflies page
6) Added/replaced photos of Lapwing, Ruff and Little Egret on Birds page
7) Added Herring Gull and Spoonbill to Birds page
14/09/13 1) Added  Tansy, Chiltern Gentian, White Beak-sedge, Bird's-nest Orchid, Musk Orchid, Fly Orchid, Greater Butterfly Orchid, Lady Orchid,  Lady x Monkey Orchid hybrid, Lesser Butterfly Orchid and Monkey Orchid to Wildflowers page.

2) Added/replaced photos of Hemp-Agrimony, Meadow Cranesbill, Biting Stonecrop and Viper's-Bugloss on Wildflowers page.

3) Added Acrobasis advenella, Agonopterix alstromeriana, Aleimma loeflingiana, Antler Moth, Ancylis achatana, Agriphila geniculea, Barred Red, Bordered Pug, Brown Plume Moth, Beautiful Golden Y, The Campion, Carcina quercana, Catoptria falsellaCatoptria pinella, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Crassa unitella, Cream Wave, Cyclament Tortrix, Currant Pug, Euzophera pinguis, Haworth's Pug, Hummingbird Hawkmoth, Maple Prominent, Pale Mottled Willow, Pale Prominent, Pammene regiana, Pine Carpet, Peach Blossom, Pebble Prominent, Plum Tortrix, Red Underwing, Scarce Footman, Shaded broad-bar, Sycamore, Udea lutealis, Small Emerald, Common Emerald, Figure of Eighty, Brindled White-Spot, Chocolate-tip, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Cochylis atricapitana, Foxglove Pug, Sandy Carpet, Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Small Waved Umber, Spruce Carpet, White-pinion Spotted, Small Square-spot, The Coronet, Wormwood Pug, Rhyaciona pinicolana  and White-spotted Pug to Moths page.

4) Added/replaced photos of Agonopterix arenella, August, Thorn, Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix, Chinese Character, Coxcomb Prominent, Cloaked Minor, Clouded Border, Crambus perlella, Brown Rustic, Dark Spectacle, Double-striped Pug, Dusky Sallow, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, Latticed Heath, Lobster Moth, Magpie, Mother of Pearl, Oak Hook-tip, Oak Nycteoline, Peppered Moth, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Sallow, Small Blood-vein, Tawny-barred Angle, True Lover's Knot, Heart and Dart, Scalloped Hazel, Mottled Rustic, Beautiful Hook-tip, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Light Emerald, Small Yellow Wave, Varied Coronet, Dark/Grey Dagger, The Miller and Shark on Moths page.

5) Added  another photo of Banded Demoiselle on Dragonflies page.

6) Added/replaced photos of Common Buzzard, Red Kite, Kestrel, Corn Bunting, Magpie and Swallow on  Birds page.

7) Added Turtle Dove and Common Tern to Birds page.

8) Added/replaced photos of Brown Argus, Small Copper, Gatekeeper, Chalkhill Blue, Comma, Common Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Large Skipper and Green Hairstreak on Butterflies page.
30/5/13 1) Added Chiltern Chain Walk (2) to Long-distance Paths page (the walks have already been shown on the Walks Diary pages) .
2) Added/replaced photos of Orange-tip, Green-veined White and Small Copper on Butterflies page.

3) Added Wall to Butterflies page.

4) Added/replaced photos of Purple Thorn on Moths page.

5) Added Agonopterix arenella and Small Yellow Underwing to Moths page.

6) Added Dodder, Wild Clematis, Early Marsh Orchid (ssp Pulchrella) and Southern Marsh Orchid to Wildflowers page.

7) Added/replaced photos of Oystercatcher and Reed Bunting on Birds page.

8) Added Ringed Plover and Whinchat to Birds page (I'd previously misidentified the whinchat as a stonechat!).
20/1/13 1) Added Acleris holmiana, Black Arches, Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix, Codling Moth, Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix, Wax moth, Honeysuckle MothJersey Tiger, July Highflyer, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Leopard Moth, Lozotaeniodes formosanus, Morophaga choragella, Old Lady, Orange Underwing, Pale Shoulder, Purple Thorn, Slender Brindle, Varied Coronet, V-pug, Green Oak Tortrix, Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix, Sprawler, Scarce Umber, Heart and Club, Small Fan-foot, Small Yellow Wave, Treble Brown Spot and White Plume Moth to the Moth Photographs page.
2) Added/replaced photos of Agapeta hamana, Iron Prominent, Lime Hawkmoth, Nut-tree Tussock, Pine Hawkmoth and Plain Golden Y on the Moth Photographs page.
3) Added/replaced photos of Small Tortoiseshell, Dark Green Fritillary, Small Blue and Meadow Brown on Butterfly Photographs page.
4) Replaced the Guestbook - I changed it because the old one forced users to give their email address which was then displayed for all to see, and also because I was starting to get a lot of 'spam' sent to it.
7/06/12 1) Added Wren, Woodcock, Avocet and Brent Goose to Bird Photographs page.

2) Added/replaced photos of Holly Blue, Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak and Duke of Burgundy to Butterfly Photographs page. 3) Added MulleinGreen Silver-Lines, Lime Hawkmoth, Orange Footman, Eyed Hawkmoth, Powdered Quaker, Scorched Carpet, Broken-barred Carpet and Shears to the Moth Photographs page.
4) Added/replaced photos of Pebble Prominent, Celypha lacunana, Scorched Wing and Treble-bar on the Moth Photographs page.
5) Replaced Deer photos page with a more general Mammals page, with photos of Hare and Stoat. Also added another Muntjac deer photo.
9/04/12 1) Added Dusky-lemon Sallow, Spring Usher, Red Chestnut, Diurnea fagella, March Moth, Shoulder Stripe, Clouded Drab and December Moth to the Moth Photographs page.
2) Replaced photo of Engrailed on the Moth Photographs page.

3) Added Toothwort to the Wildflower photographs page.
4) Copied some walks from Latest Walks to the Chiltern Hills section, and added a few links between related walks.
5/11/11 1) Added Autumnal Rustic, Deep-brown Dart, Rusty Dot Pearl, Sallow, Agriphila tristella, Small Phoenix, Centre-barred Sallow, Clay, Cloaked Minor, Coxcomb Prominent, Dark/Grey Dagger, Dark Umber, Early Thorn, The Shark, Yellow-tail, Brown-line Bright-eye, Chinese Character, Oak Nycteoline, Mottled Rustic,  Scalloped Oak, Small Rivulet, Eudonia mercurella, Flame Carpet, Small Blood-vein, The Magpie, Gold Triangle, Knot Grass, Least Carpet, Least Yellow Underwing, Lunar-spotted Pinion, Marbled Beauty, Orthopygia glaucinalis, Ypsolopha sequella, Dark Spectacle, Twenty-plume Moth, Yellow-barred Brindle, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Single-dotted Wave, Small Angle Shades, Ruby Tiger, Feathered Thorn, Phlyctaenia coronata and  Dingy Footman to the Moth Photographs page.
2) Added more photos of Lunar Underwing, Endotricha flammealis, Brimstone, Common Marbled Carpet, Yellow Shell, Burnished Brass, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Tawny-speckled Pug, Engrailed, Garden Pebble, Garden Rose Tortrix, Dusky Sallow, Dwarf Cream Wave, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, Orange Swift and  The Spectacle  to the Moth Photographs page.
3) Added more photos of Chalkhill Blue to Butterfly Photographs page.
4) Added Egyptian Goose to Bird Photographs page.
5) Added further Stonechat photo to  Bird Photographs page.
5) Added Betony, Gypswort, Trifid Bur-Marigold, Devil's-bit Scabious and Orange Balsam to the Wildflower photographs page.
6) Added more photos of Amphibious Bistort and Skullcap to the Wildflower photographs page.
7) Added some of my latest walks (since about May 2010) to the Other Walks page in the Chiltern Hills section
11/07/11 1) Added Ghost Moth, Fan-Foot, Dot Moth, Bird-cherry Ermine, Buff Arches, Clouded Border,  Poplar Grey, Common Heath, Short-cloaked Moth, Udea prunalis, Common White Wave, Dwarf Cream Wave, Lobster Moth, Marbled Brown, Bordered White, Beautiful Hook-tip, Peach Blossom, Pebble Prominent, Pine Hawkmoth, Large Emerald, Round-winged Muslin Moth, Smoky Wainscot, Swallow-tailed Moth, Tawny-barred Angle, The Miller, True Lover's KnotDipleurina lacustrata,  Plain Golden Y, Clouded Brindle, The Rustic, Scorched Wing, Clouded Silver, Double Square-spot, Mottled BeautyBright-line Brown-eye, Buff-tip, Cinnabar, Light Arches, Middle-barred Minor, Peppered Moth, The Flame, The Uncertain, Udea olivalis, Agonopterix heracliana, Early Grey, Nut-tree Tussock, Brindled Pug, Water Carpet , Waved Umber, Grey Shoulder Knot, Oak Beauty, Chestnut, Dotted Border, Engrailed, Hebrew Character, Small Quaker, Heart and Dart, Treble Lines, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Poplar Hawkmoth, Pale Tussock, Marbled Minor agg, Brown Rustic, Buff Ermine, White Ermine, Small Magpie, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Scalloped Hazel, Privet Hawkmoth, Oak Hook-tip, Mottled Pug, Light Brocade, Large Nutmeg, Ingrailed Clay, Iron Prominent, Crambus lathoniellus, Common Pug, Grey Pine Carpet, Elephant Hawkmoth, Common Swift and  Twin-Spotted Quaker to the  Moth Photographs page.
2) Added further Flame Shoulder, Common Footman, Bee Moth and Scoparia ambigualis photographs to the  Moth Photographs page

3) Added Duke of Burgundy and Silver-studded Blue to Butterfly Photographs page
4) Added more photos of Grizzled Skipper, Small Blue and Green Hairstreak on Butterfly Photographs page
5) Added Hairy Dragonfly to Dragonfly Photographs page
6) Added more photos of Azure Blue and Scarce Chaser to Dragonfly Photographs page
7) Added Marsh Stitchwort to the Wildflower photographs page
8) Added further Goatsbeard photo to the Wildflower photographs page
9) Added the Berkshire Loop
14/10/10 1) Added more photos for Common Marbled Carpet, Blair's Shoulder-knot and Lunar Underwing to the  Moth Photographs page.

2) Added Large Ranunculus, Merveille du Jour, Green-brindled Crescent, Red-line Quaker, Yellow-line Quaker, Satellite, Angle Shades, Barred Sallow, Beaded Chestnut, Pink-barred Sallow, Red-green Carpet, Rosy Rustic, Brick, November Moth agg and White-point to the  Moth Photographs page.
16/9/10 1) Updated Moth Photographs page, and added about 40 moths to it
31/07/10 1) Added Silver-washed Fritillary and Brown Argus to Butterfly photos page
2) Added Scarce Chaser, Emperor, White-legged damselfly and Small Red Damselfly to Dragonfly photos page
3) Added/replaced photos for Keeled Skimmer, Common Darter, Black Darter, Four-Spotted Chaser, Emerald damselfly and Large Red Damselfly on Dragonfly photos page
4) Added Small China Mark, Mint Moth (Pyrausta aurata) and Dusky Sallow to Moth photos page
5) Added/replaced photos for Bog Asphodel and Marsh St John's-Wort on the Wildflower photos page
6) Added Common Comfrey, Greater Bird's-Foot Trefoil, Hemp-Agrimony, Greater Bladderwort, Flowering-Rush, Frogbit, Marsh Sow-Thistle, Yellow Loosestrife and Amphibious Bistort to the Wildflower photos page
4/07/10 1) Added Journal for the Thame Valley Walk

2) Added Treble-Bar to Moth photos section, changed photo for Dark Arches and added another photo of Riband Wave.

3) Changed photo of Four-spotted Chaser on Dragonfly photos page, and added Blue-tailed Damselfly and Black-tailed Skimmer.

4) Added new photos of Dingy Skipper to Butterfly photos page, and added Green Hairstreak, Grizzled Skipper and Small Blue.

5) Added new photos of Dragon's Teeth, Ragged Robin, Sainfoin, Biting Stonecrop, Pyramidal Orchid, Annual Wall-Rocket and Grass Vetchling to Wildflower photos page, and added Early Purple Orchid, Dwarf Mallow, Alexanders, Wild Strawberry, Barren Strawberry (I'd previously muddled these last two!), Early Gentian, Thyme-Leaved Sandwort, Great Pignut, Basil Thyme, Cornflower, Corncockle, Field Cow-Wheat, Pheasant's-Eye, Dwarf-Spurge, Common Gromwell, Goat's-Rue, Knotted Hedge-Parsley, Venus's-Looking-Glass and Dame's-violet.
6)Added Wheatear to Bird photos section
2/04/10 1) Re-organised the Chilterns Hill page
2) Moved my walks in 2009 from Walks Diary to a new page

3) Additional/replacement photos of Chicory in Wildflower photos section

4) Added  Blair's Shoulder-knot  and Winter Moth to Moth photos section
5) New photo of male Muntjac Deer
18/09/09 1) Additional/replacement photos of Common Blue in Butterfly photos section
2) Additional/replacement photos of Water Mint and Broomrape in Wildflower photos section

3) Additional/replacement photos of Common Darter and Southern Hawker in Dragonfly photos section

4) Added Square-Spot Rustic, White-shouldered House Moth and Bee Moth to Moth photos section
5) Added a map on the Chiltern Hills page showing the relative locations of my walks in that area, and added two maps  on the Long-distance Paths page showing the relative locations of the routes I've walked. Thanks to Allan Gould for prompting me to finally create these maps, something I've been meaning to do for a while!
6) Added a journal for the Stevenage Outer Orbital Path (STOOP)
4/08/09 1) Added Large Red damselfly, Four-spotted Chaser, Black Darter, Beautiful Demoiselle, Emerald (damselfly), Brown Hawker and Keeled Skimmer to Dragonfly photos section

2) Additional/replacement Common Blue damselfly, Common Darter and Southern Hawker photos in Dragonfly photos section

3) Additional/replacement Comma, Meadow Brown, Small Heath, Small Tortoiseshell, Marbled WhiteCommon Blue, Peacock, Painted Lady, Ringlet, Gatekeeper and Large Skipper photos in Butterfly photos section

4) Added Dark Green Fritillary, Small Copper and Green-veined White to Butterfly photos section

5) Additional/replacement photos for Harebell, Yellow Water-lily, Purple Loosestrife, Marsh Woundwort, Broomrape, Evening Primrose, Enchanter's Nightshade, Agrimony, Bee Orchid, Eyebright, Dropwort, Clustered Bellflower, Wild Mignonette, Sainfoin, Rest-harrow, White Campion, Germander Speedwell, Hedge Woundwort, Rosebay Willowherb, Viper's-Bugloss, Dovesfoot Cranesbill, Pyramidal Orchid, Kidney Vetch, Grass Vetchling and Birdsfoot Trefoil in Wildflower photos section

6) Added Biting Stonecrop, Bog Asphodel, Dwarf Gorse, Cross-leaved Heath, Bell Heather, Ling, Marsh St John's Wort, Oblong-leaved Sundew, Round-leaved Sundew, Wild Basil, Hedge Bedstraw, Dragon's teeth, Blue Fleabane, Green-flowered Helleborine, Common Hemp-Nettle, Frog Orchid, Ploughman's-Spikenard, Musk Thistle, Small Toadflax and Small-flowered Cranesbill to Wildflower photos section
7) Added The Snout, Flame Shoulder, Riband Wave, Brown House moth, Small Dusty Wave, Dark Arches, Green Carpet, Light Emerald, Yellow Shell, Brimstone, Scoparia ambigualis, Pyrausta despicata, Crambus perlella and Celypha lacunana to Moth photos section
8) Additional Chimney Sweeper, Six-spot Burnet  and Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet photos in the Moth photos section
9) Additional Collared Dove photo in Bird photos section
19/06/09 1) Added Wild Clary, Sun Spurge, Greater Spearwort, Giant Hogweed, Black Horehound, Hedge Mustard, White Water-lily, Yellow Water-lily, Tormentil and  Common Cow-wheat to Wildflower photos section

2) Added Mandarin Duck, Swallow and Red-Crested Pochard to Bird photos section

3) Additional/replacement Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Crested Grebe, Carrion Crow and Jay photos in Birds photo section
4) Additional Man Orchid, Herb Robert and Grass Vetchling photos in Wildflower photos section
5) Additional Speckled Wood, Large Skipper and Common Blue photos in the Butterfly photos section

6) Additional Six-spot Burnet  and Straw Dot photos in the Moth photos section

7) Added Nettle-tap to the Moth photos section

8) Added a journal for The Beeches Way

9) Additional Common Blue damselfly photo in the Dragonfly photos section

10) Re-organised deer photos and added pages for Roe Deer and Chinese Water Deer
7/06/09 1) Additional or replacement photos for Poppy, Columbine, Yellow Rattle and White Bryony in the Wildflower photos section

2) Replacement photo of a Speckled Wood in the Butterfly photos section

3) Added Straw Dot to the Moth photos section

4) Added Corn Bunting to Bird photos section

5) Added White Helleborine to Wildflower photos section

6) Added Large White to the Butterfly photos section

7) Additional photos of Song Thrush in Bird photos section
8) Added a journal for The Dales Way. Please note that this journal is not very detailed, as I wrote it five years after the event!
29/05/09 1) Created a separate page for Moth photographs (rather than include them in with Butterflies)

2) Added Silver-ground Carpet and Silver Y to the Moth photograph sections

3) Added another Painted Lady photo to the Butterfly photos section
26/05/09 1) Added journal for Ver-Colne Valley Walk

2) Added a few Dragonfly/Damselfly photos to the Photographs section
21/05/09 1) Additional Brimstone and Comma photos in Butterfly photos section

2) Additional Bugle, Woodruff, Ramsons, Star-of-Bethlehem, Wintercress, Mouse-ear Hawkweed and Common Rock-rose photos in Wildflower photos section

3) Added Sanicle, Yellow Iris, Columbine and Water Crowfoot to Wildflower photos section

4) Added journal for the Chess Valley Walk
3/05/09 1) Additional Orange Tip photo in Butterfly photos section
2) Additional photos of Goldilocks Buttercup and Woodruff in Wildflower photos section

3) Added Creeping Buttercup, Thyme-leaved Speedwell and Ramsons to Wildflower photos section

4) Added 'Kensworth to Briden's Camp circular walk' to Chiltern Hills section
26/04/09 1) Additional or replacement photos of Blue Tit, Starling, Collared Dove, Blackbird, Jay, Mallard, Grey Heron, Moorhen, Coot, Yellowhammer and Chaffinch in Bird photos section
2) Added Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail to Bird photos section

3) Added Common Storksbill and Marsh Marigold to Wildflower photos section

4) Additional or replacement photos of Garlic Mustard, Cuckooflower, Dandelion and Green Alkanet in Wildflower photos section

5) Additional Speckled Wood photo in Butterfly photos section
19/04/09 1) Added another photo to Muntjac Deer page
2) Additional photos of Cuckooflower and Wood Sorrel in Wildflower photos section

3) Added Common Chickweed, False Oxlip and  Hairy Bitter-cress to Wildflower photos section

4) Added numerous hyperlinks to this page!

5) Added 'Kensworth-Toddington' walk to my local walks in the Chiltern Hills section
6) Additional Yellowhammer photos in Bird photos section
7) Added Jay to Bird photos section
8) Added Walks Diary section (with 15-20 new day walks)
14/03/09 1) Added Cormorant, Fieldfare, Redwing, Rook and Song Thrush to Bird photos section
2) New photos of Kestrel, Yellowhammer in Bird photos section
3) Added 'Cowleaze Wood and Turville Heath' and 'Studham Common and Redbourn' walks to the Chiltern Hills section
12/01/09 1) Additional photo of Peacock in Butterfly photos section

2) Replaced mileages for John Bunyan Trail with the figures from Google Maps. This has added nine miles to the walk, changing it from 70 to 79 miles each way!
3) Added 'Buckland Common and The Lee', 'Kensworth to Little Gaddesden', 'Kensworth-The Downs-Whipsnade' and ' Kensworth-Ivinghoe Beacon' walks to Chiltern Hills section
4) Added Bullfinch to Bird photos section
5) Added more photos to Fallow Deer section
13/11/08 1) Added Green Woodpecker and Stonechat to Bird photos section
2) Replacement photos of Robin and Magpie in Bird photos section
3) Additional photo of Long-tailed Tit in Bird Photos section
4) Added 'Kensworth-Redbourn' and 'Shorter Ashridge walk' local walks to the Chiltern Hills section
5) Added Fallow Deer and Muntjac Deer sections to Photographs page
6) Added Favourite Landscapes section to Photographs page. Note that these are just a collection of my favourite photos from all my walks, so they've all already appeared in my journals
7) Added many more photos of the Ashridge Estate Boundary Trail
28/09/08 1) Additional/replacement photos of Grey Heron and Nuthatch in Bird photos section
2) Added Cormorant to Bird photos section

3) Added Violet Helleborine to Wildflower photos section

4) Added 'Kensworth and everywhere'  and 'Kensworth-Ivinghoe' local walks to the Chiltern Hills section
26/08/08 1) Additional/replacement photos of Blue Tit, Wood Pigeon, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Blackbird, Robin, House Sparrow and Long-tailed Tit in Bird photos section
2) Added Coal Tit and Nuthatch to Bird photos section
3) Additional photos of Borage, Meadow Cranesbill, Common Fumitory, Great Willowherb, Musk Mallow, Purple Toadflax, Small Balsam, Weld, Yarrow and Squinancywort in Wildflower photos section

4) Added Chicory, Dropwort, Enchanter's Nightshade, Goatsbeard, Opium Poppy and Annual Wall-rocket to Wildflower photos section

5) Additional/replacement photos of Brimstone, Comma, Chalkhill Blue, Gatekeeper, Small Skipper, Red Admiral and Marbled White in Butterfly photos section

6) Added Ringlet, Common Footman (moth), Chimney Sweeper (moth) and Narrow-bordered Five Spot Burnet (moth) to Butterfly photos section
28/06/08 1) Added rest of journal for Chiltern Chain Walk, including route descriptions for each of the 20 walks and a rough map of the overall route.

2) Additional photos of Marbled White in Butterfly photos section

3) Additional/replacement photos of Eyebright, Pyramidal Orchid, Yellow-wort, Greater Celandine, Meadow Cranesbill, Common Mallow, Scarlet Pimpernel, Poppy, Common Toadflax, Meadow Vetchling and Common Spotted Orchid in Wildflower photos section
4) Added Vervain to Wildflower photos section

5) Added Meadow Brown to Butterfly photos section
18/06/08 1) Added journal entries for Walks 13-16 of the Chiltern Chain Walk
2) Added Common Whitethroat, House Sparrow and Yellowhammer to Bird photos section

3) Additional Blue Tit, Great Tit, Red Kite and Starling photos in Birds section

4) Added Burnet Companion, Dingy Skipper and Large Skipper to Butterfly/Moths photo section
5) Added Man Orchid, Fairy Flax, Common Mouse-ear, Creeping Cinquefoil and Field Mouse-ear to Wildflower photo section
6) Additional Lesser Stitchwort  and Bladder Campion photos in Wildflower section
7) Stephen Dawson kindly pointed out an error in the map for Walk 6 of the Chiltern Chain Walk, which I have corrected. I have consequently had to adjust the 'total mileage' for the subsequent walks as Walk 6 was 0.2 miles shorter than I'd stated.
 1/06/08 1) Added journal entries for Walks 9-12 of the Chiltern Chain Walk
2) Additional photos for Common Milkwort, Field Pansy and Ragwort in the Wildflower photo section

3) Added Small Heath to Butterfly photo section
4) Added Welsh Poppy and Wood Spurge to Wildflower photo section
18/05/08 1) Added journal entries for Walks 5-8 of the Chiltern Chain Walk
2) Additional photos for Orange-Tip, Holly Blue and Speckled Wood butterflies

3) Additional/alternative photos for Bugle, Field Pansy, Greater Stitchwort and Wild Strawberry in the Wildflower photos section
4) Additional/alternative photos for Coot and Tufted Duck in the Bird photos section

5) Gadwall and Pintail added to Birds photo section
6) Goldilocks Buttercup, Crosswort, Dandelion, Red Dead-nettle, Yellow Pimpernel, Wood Speedwell, Star-of-Bethlehem, Wintercress, Woodruff and Wavy Bitter-cress added to Wildflower photos section
9/05/08 1) Added entries for the first four (of twenty) walks on the Chiltern Chain Walk
2) Additional/alternative photos for Blackbird, Brambling, Collared Dove, Dunnock, Jackdaw, Pheasant, Siskin, Starling, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit and Great Spotted Woodpecker in Bird photos section

3) Blackcap, Goldfinch, Grey Heron, Treecreeper, Willow Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat added to Bird photos section
4) Additional/alternative photos for Cowslip, Cuckoo-pint, Germander Speedwell, Green Alkanet, Ground Ivy, Wood Anemone, Primrose, Lesser Celandine and Greater Stitchwort in the Wildflower photos section
5) Yellow Archangel, Greater Celandine, Cuckooflower, Dog's Mercury, Wood Sorrel and Garlic Mustard added to the Wildflower photos section
26/03/08 1) Amended various typos and left/right confusions, and added a few more hyperlinks to birds and flowers photos.
2) Added Tufted Duck to Bird photos section

3) Additional photos for Great Crested Grebe, Jackdaw, Mallard, Mute Swan and Pheasant in Bird photos section

4) Added Oregon Grape to Wildflowers section

5) Added more navigation hyperlinks at foot of Chiltern Hill and Lake District pages
15/03/08 1) Additional or replacement photos for Blackbird, Chaffinch, Common Gull, Blue Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Jackdaw, Long-tailed Tit, Pheasant  and Robin
2) Added Kestrel to Bird photos section
3) Added additional Coltsfoot photograph to Wildflowers section

4) Changed 'hit counter' on home page (as web host no longer supports Microsoft Frontpage Extensions)
28/02/08 1) Moved Wildflower and Butterfly photos to a new 'Photographs' section
2) Added section on Bird photographs to the 'Photographs' section
3) Added a few hyperlinks for birds mentioned in the journals, mainly for Buzzards and Red Kites
13/02/08 1) Added another Chiltern Hills walk - Coombe Hill and the Hampdens
29/12/07 1) Added another Chiltern Hills walk - Watlington Hill, Cookley Green and Pishill
13/11/07 1) Added three more Chiltern Hills walks
2) Divided the Chiltern Hills walks into two sections, one for my 'local' walks and one for the rest
28/10/07 1) Added Chiltern Hills page with four new walks
2) Renamed 'My journals' page to 'Long-distance paths', and added some descriptions of the routes

3) Reduced number of links at top of each page

4) Slight changes to the Home page, and a few other minor modifications
5/10/07 1) Added Pale Toadflax and Fox-and-cubs to wildflower pages
2) Added Swan's Way journal
14/9/07 1) Added Himalayan Balsam and Water Mint to wildflower pages
2) Added couple more links - Wainwright Walks on the Lakeland Fells and Walking Britain

3) Replaced a photo on Day 5 of my Bernwood Jubilee Way journal (a tree in Eythrope Park that I thought was a Black Poplar turned out to be a Horse Chestnut!)
4) Added Lake District pages with photos for six walks

5) Added link to Huntington's Disease Association on each page
6) Replaced a photo of Red Admiral butterfly
7) Minor changes to Home page
11/08/07 1) Added more wildflowers - Red Bartsia, Nettle-leaved Bellflower, Large Bindweed, Hedge Bindweed, Bridewort, White Bryony, Bugloss, Viper's-Bugloss, Purple Viper's-Bugloss, Lesser Burdock, Bladder Campion, Common Centaury, Red Clover, Dovesfoot Cranesbill, Eyebright, Common Fumitory, Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Hollyhock, Honeysuckle, Stinking Iris, Purple Loosestrife, Meadowsweet, Common Milkwort, Dark Mullein, Woody Nightshade, Nipplewort, Bristly Oxtongue, Evening Primrose, Redshank, Silverweed, Skullcap, Carline Thistle, Spear Thistle, Purple Toadflax, Hop Trefoil, Common Twayblade, Red Valerian, Weld, Great Willowherb, Marsh Woundwort
2) New or additional wildflower photos for Agrimony, Clustered Bellflower, Red Campion, White Campion, Cut-leaved Cranesbill, Meadow Cranesbill, Greater Knapweed, Lady's Bedstraw, Musk Mallow, Great Mullein, Common Spotted Orchid, Hoary Plantain, Perforate St John's Wort, Yellow-wort
3) Additional butterfly photos for Red Admiral, Gatekeeper, Small Tortoiseshell, Marbled White
4) Added Small Skipper to butterfly pages
5) Added journal for the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk
4/07/07 1) Added a few more photographs for Cross Bucks Way and Hertfordshire Way (I have no more photographs to add now)
2) Added Clustered Bellflower, Wild Carrot, Hoary Plantain, Grass Vetchling, Meadow Vetchling and Russian Comfrey to the Wildflowers section

3) Added a Guestbook
2/07/07 1) Added more photographs for Ashridge Estate Boundary Trail, Berks-Essex Walk, A Dales Walk, Greensand Ridge Walk, Aylesbury Ring
2) Slight changes to Wildflowers page (added 'Top of list' link)
27/06/07 1) Added more photographs for Bernwood Jubilee Way, John Bunyan Trail, Hertfordshire Chain Walk
2) Added Bee Orchid to wildflowers, and more photos of Common Spotted Orchid
21/06/07 1) Added many more wildflower photographs.
2) Rewrote the wildflower and butterfly pages. Each wildflower and butterfly now has its own page, some of the wildflowers having 2 or 3 photos.

3) Added maps for Two Ridges Link, South Bucks Way, Hertfordshire Way, Chiltern Link, North Bucks Way, Greensand Ridge Walk, Berkshire-Essex Walk, A Dales Walk, Ashridge Estate Boundary Trail, Hertfordshire Chain Walk, John Bunyan Trail, Bernwood Jubilee Way and Chiltern Way
4) Put Site History page in reverse chronological order
5) Added journal for my second Chiltern Way walk
6) Links to Wildflowers and Butterflies now bring up a separate web page in the same window (instead of just a photo in a new window). You need to use your browser's 'back' button to return to the journal, rather than close the window.
7) When you click and enlarge one of the small blue-framed photos, the enlarged photo now comes up in the same window, rather than a new one. You need to use your browser's 'back' button to return to the journal, rather than close the window.
8) Rewrote the Home page, and made several minor revisions elsewhere
22/04/07 1) Added maps for Aylesbury Ring, Cross Bucks Way
15/04/07 1) Added Greater Stitchwort, Primrose and Wood Anemone to Wildflowers page

2) Added further (and amended) photos for Berkshire -Essex Walk, Greensand Ridge Walk, Aylesbury Ring, Cross Bucks Way, Hertfordshire Way and A Dales Walk
3) Amended photos on the home page

1) Site moved to
2) Added more photos to Chiltern Heritage Trail
3) Amended photos for Ashridge Estate Boundary Walk (so that they can be enlarged)
29/03/07 1) Minor update to Day 4 of my Aylesbury Ring journal
2) Added journal for Bernwood Jubilee Way
3) Added photo of Lesser Celandine to Wildflowers page
4) Added links to Huntington's Disease Association
5) Added two more photos to home page and made slight alterations to that page
6) Added more photos to journals for Hertfordshire Chain Walk and John Bunyan Trail
7) Changed photos on 'About Me' page and made slight alterations to that page
8) Added photo on 'About my walks' page
22/01/07 1) Added journal for John Bunyan Trail
2) Added update to 'post-walk comments' page for Ashridge Estate Boundary Walk
26/11/06 1) Added Common Field Speedwell photo to wildflowers page
2) Added journal for Hertfordshire Chain Walk
1/10/06 1) Added four more photos to wildflowers page
2) Added hyperlinks to flower and butterfly photos from the journals for the Berks-Essex Walk and the Ashridge Estate Boundary Trail

3) Journal for Chiltern Heritage Trail added
4) Wildflower and Butterfly photos now come up in new windows
2/9/06 1) Added comments to wildflower and butterfly photos
2) Added more links from other pages to wildflower and butterfly pages

3) Journal for Ashridge Estate Boundary Trail added
8/8/06 Added pages with wildflower and butterfly photographs
5/8/06 Journal for Berkshire-Essex Walk added
9/7/06 Journal for A Dales Walk added
25/4/06 Journal for Greensand Ridge Walk added
16/3/06 1) Journal for Aylesbury Ring added
2) A few more photos added for North Bucks Way (Days 1, 2 and 3)
16/2/06 Journal for Cross Bucks Way added
5/2/06 Journal for remainder of Hertfordshire Way added (Days 19-27)
7/1/06 1) Days 14-18 of Hertfordshire Way added
2) Photos added for Two Ridges Link and Day 25 of Chiltern Way
20/11/05 1) Journal for first half of Hertfordshire Way added
2) Some minor changes to photographs
13/11/05 Site first published